The Backlink Authority System – A Review By Tony Shepherd

So I was sitting at my computer and up pops a little chat message box thingy from my PA.

She was telling me that one of our subscribers had just launched a new product and I should definitely check out the details he’d sent over.

I did.

It’s WELL worth a look, which is why I’m giving you a heads up about it

It shows you how to get your sites ranked on the first pages of Google for pretty much whatever keyword you want.

But it’s a bit different from most products that claim to do this.

Here’s why:

1. The product creator uses this method himself and shows you plenty of proof

2. It came through the recent Google re-jig with flying colours (many didn’t)

3. It’s fully step-by-step. There’s no broad theory or lack of detail in this, it’s created so it hits home right across the board – newcomers can get their sites listed by just following the step by step instructions, and more experienced marketers can simply hand it over to their outsource workers

4. It uses fr-ee methods

5. It shows you where to get some extremely useful powerful fr-ee software that the author uses

6. The price. You get a LOT included with this product. The price alone of under $7 puts it firmly in my ‘well worth a punt’ category.

7. There’s info in this tutorial that I simply didn’t know about before I read it – the social media stuff for one.

Anyway, if you fancy picking up some insider info from a guy who’s actually doing this (he ranks for some very competitive keywords) then put aside 5 minutes and get more info from the page below

See what you think

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2 responses to “The Backlink Authority System – A Review By Tony Shepherd

  1. Hi again, Tony – thanks for publishing my long-winded comment earlier. I had a question for you and I couldn’t find current contact info for you. No need to publish this comment, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a JV on my current newbie friendly website header background packages? Check out my website link and let me know. Sorry to harass you in your own comments, but I didn’t know the best way to reach you. 🙂 (Harassment over, I promise!)

  2. Hi Tony

    This was a really useful review and I bought the product after reading
    it 🙂

    I have just about plucked up the courage to start my own
    blog – as I’m a

    pretty private person and don’t like the idea of being splattered all over the net! ..

    Hopefully these tips will help me get some people to my pages or to my products.

    I loved your Mentoring newsletter this month – especially the bit where

    you talk about the changing face of marketing and how social media and communities are
    shaping the

    marketers of the future.

    really good stuff mate thanks


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