Niche Nuke – A Review By Tony Shepherd

You know the problem with niche marketing?

It’s deciding WHICH niche to get into.

Selecting a niche involves a weird mixture of having the confidence to select a niche based on your own solid research combined with watching the market, stealing ideas and good old fashioned gut feeling.

Which is also why I love it. I’ve always been a bit of a magpie, collecting all sorts of shiny information from wherever I can grab it and putting it together in my own style.

You know the most common characteristics I find with the niche marketers I work with?

They always think the grass is greener on the other side. Someone else’s niche is always more profitable…or at least they think so.

The bugger of it is that I do it myself too!

If I’m having some success in a niche and I mention it to my marketing mates or other marketers, I’ll bet you a hundred quid that within a week a few of them build a site in the very same niche.

And it’s fine, because I’m just the same – if I hear of someone who’s having success. I think

‘Wooo he’s doing well in that niche, I’ll build myself a site and see how I get on…’

So there wasn’t anything on EARTH was going to stop me grabbing this product:

Just out of curiosity to be honest. The product creator reckons she’s found the ONLY niche you’ll ever need.

Big words I’m sure you’ll agree, but I honestly do think that we could all get involved in this niche and not bump into one another too much.

She also makes over $1,000 a month from Adsense alone in this niche. Check out what else has been said about what some buyers are calling ‘the only niche you’ll ever need’…

1. It can never be saturated

2. High CPC with Adsense

3. Ideal for Amazon, CPA and physical products

4. Shedloads of Clickbank Products

5. Imagine a niche where it is so broad, the sub- niches are bigger than most niches alone.

If you’re the type of marketer who finds it hard to make a decision about which niche to get into, based on your own research then this is probably for you.

If you’re already having success with Adsense then you’re probably better off just continuing what you’re doing, and not getting sidetracked with other niches.

Personally, I WILL be making more sites in this niche, because it’s ideal for me.

My advice would be to check out more details at the link below and see what you think.

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