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A slightly belated blog post due to the usual over-indulgences, social engagements and rabbit-in-the-headlights feeling that Christmas and New Year seem to involve.

Throw kids with Chicken Pox into the mix, a dead chicken (old age we think, not part of the Christmas feast) and various Wii injuries and you’re starting to get the idea.

We had a thoroughly good time and I hope you did too.

So welcome to 2012.

I’ve read a lot of marketer’s blog posts this week.

Many are about predictions for 2012. A lot are boring waffles about what the particular marketer plans to do for 2012.

Who CARES what target he’s set for himself?

What about how it can help his readers eh?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m always happy when someone makes an extra half million, but immediately afterwards I want to know what it can do for MY lifestyle. I don’t think that’s selfish BTW, I just thihk it’s how anyone should approach making money online.

I don’t know if you agree with me, but for me, Internet Marketing boils down to just one thing.

Teaching people how to make money online, then getting stuck in and working with them.

Telling you that MY goal is to own a new Ferrari by July 2012 does absolutely bugger all for your business plan right?

So here’s what I’m planning for the next month or so, and I’d love it if you’d like to get involved.

I want to do some personal coaching with you.

Now hang on, I know I already have a $12,000 a year personal high-level mentoring program (sorry but that one is full) and I’m ALSO aware that this prices most people out of the equation immediately anyway.

Also, it doesn’t take Brenda the bare-knuckle psychic to see that things are getting economically VERY tight all over the world and this year is only going to get worse.

So if you’ll allow me I’d like to start work with you RIGHT NOW, on two things that could offer some protection for you and your family:

1. An online business to provide extra money or a full-time income

2. PERSONAL coaching from me that is affordable for the people who need it most – usually those on a tight budget.

So I’m putting together a VERY limited program, where I’m going to take on a handful of people and personally coach them to success. Not as a group – but on a one-to-one basis.

Now I haven’t fixed the price or the delivery method yet.

I want to see what YOU want first.

I DO know that my coaching will probably be unlike anything you’ve come across or signed up for in the past.

If you’ve already bought any of my products you’ll know what I mean.

So if you’d be interested in working with me on a personal level then have a look at the survey below and let me know what sort of thing you’d be comfortable with.

I’ll look at the results and should be able to put together something that you can both afford and that you’re comfortable with.

I’m planning on running a few more surveys this year to find out how I can provide what you want.

Click on the link below to take the survey if you have 2 minutes to spare.


EDIT: I’ve taken down the link because of the phenomenal response. The 100 free survey responses I was allowed in my SurveyMonkey trial were eaten up by your responses in the first couple of hours but I’ve enough information to give me a very good idea of what you want to see.

In the meantime any comments about what sot of personal coaching you’d like to see from me are welcome – just use the comments box below. I’ll include every answer and opinion when I’m putting my program together.

This coaching will ONLY be open to my subscribers.

Thanks guys, and I look forward to working with you.


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21 responses to “Do you want to work with me personally?

  1. Happy New Year Mate 🙂

    This sounds interesting… I’ll be curious to see what develops from the survey results 🙂


  2. Tony Shepherd

    Happy New Year Randy!

    Yeas the results should be interesting. One thing for sure is that my subscribers know their own minds and aren’t afraid of letting me know !

    The results are coming in thick and fast too…

    Thanks for commenting mate


  3. Hi Tony,

    Just completed survey, very interesting proposition!

    Would love to get in on this one:)

    Happy new year!


  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Tony,

    Yeah it’s chucking up some interesting results too.

    Should have asked some on sexual preferences. That’s be late night reading for sure 🙂

    As always with surveys, what I think you want ansd what YOU think you want have significant differences.

    Not as many as I’d thought because you lot aren’t shy about emailing me (which I really appreciate) but obviously the credit crunch is hitting.

    That said, you also recognise value, and from what I’ve seen already, demand is going to outstrip the number of people I can work with at any one time.

    I’ll have more info for you when the survey hits 100 people and ends


  5. Hi Tony,

    I’ve been following you for a few months now and being a Brit in a foreign country I find it refreshing to read your stuff and often chuckle to myself at your perspective on things.
    Our kind of humour and bluntness isn’t understood much outside of the UK.
    I look forward to hearing the results from your survey and most certainly would benefit from your style of coaching.

    Happy New Year to you, your family and your readers.


  6. Jan

    hey Tony

    Nice survey. I just filled it in (yeah…the guy with 3 degrees and still in the $hit when it comes to finances ;-))

    Coaching is definitely a good thing, and i like your style too, from what I can ready. Will have to see how I could afford anything..

    Good luck with it anyway and happy new year!

  7. Thanks Tone!

    I think its brilliant what you’ve done here in tailoring a coaching program founded on subscriber’s REAL needs by leveraging a survey! How many marketers do this??! I cant think of one so far! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see how this refreshingly different program pans out…

    A very Happy, Healthy n Wealthy New Year to You and Family!


  8. Hi Tone,

    I agree with you about being totally bombarded with marketers new years resolutions and how there going to change the world this year (so what – who cares).

    Any how, I’ve filled out the survey and I’m really looking forward to how much you’ll be able to do this for. Because the price will be a huge aspect of this coaching.


  9. Tony Shepherd

    Hey Jan,

    Don’t give yourself a hard time. Education and qualifications have little to do with success. I think it’s a massively under-investigated area and no one has quite come up with the right answers for how a 19 year old with no qualifications can make a million while a 40 year old withy a masters degree just gets in to debt.

    Thanks for posting mate, and for filling in the survey.


  10. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for posting mate.

    If I can get this mentoring package right – both from a delivery and a price point It’ll make my year!

    The survey is throwing up some surprising stuff for sure.



  11. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Michael,

    I know that price has become one of the major issues with any product these days, and rightly so.

    It wasn’t a few years back for sure, hence the $1997 products that were everywhere.

    The good news for customers is that you get far more value for your dollar than you would have done three years ago.

    It’s a change for the good – it’s the customer who now has the power not the guru, and that’s the way it should be.

    Cheers – and thanks for posting


  12. Ian

    This is why I subscribe to Tony Shepherd and have done for around 5 or 6 years!

    The thing is by helping us YOUR goals will be self-fulfilling and no need to shout about them 🙂

    Classic Shepherd – No ‘Sheeple’ behaviour here!

  13. Dee

    Hi Tony
    I know everyone has bills to pay and Internet Marketers like to make money as much as anyone else, but as you say, money is tight these days.
    The good old British OAP doesn’t exactly let you live in luxury!
    Last year I was just feeling my feet, but this year I am definitely into making some monety online one way or another.

  14. Paul

    hey Tony…I love your style and especially your no bull shit attitude which is most refreshing in todays world of ego driven so called “gurus”. Your emails/blog and comments along with Martin Avis and his great newsletter are my favourite postings that I follow religously. I will be keenly awaiting your results and details about the coaching when they become available. Thanks mate for thinking of the “little guy”. Bring on 2012 and the success we all can have if we want it bad enough.

    cheers, Paul

  15. No fair telling us the survey is throwing you some interesting results without telling us what they are!

    Do share. 🙂
    And best of luck with it. I’m confident you’ll deliver excellent coaching based on your other products and the newsletter.


  16. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Peggy,

    I will be sharing the results 🙂

    I’ll let you know when and where



  17. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your wonderful comments.

    I know Martin and he’s a very good bloke. I read his newsletter too 🙂

    Expect something to go ‘live’ with the new mentoring in
    a week to ten days.

    Thanks for posting


  18. Gail Russell

    Happy New Year! All the best – sorry to hear about your chicken!

  19. Thanks very much, Tony for offering another of your “affordable” programs. I’m greatly interested in being able to work with you personally.


  20. Grant Miller

    Hey Tony, I’m interested if the price doesn’t require a 2nd mortgage. I’ve enjoyed your newsletter and can appreciate that you do things a little differently. Will the coaching be ‘one size fits all’ or is it individualized? Also, I’m in the USA. Does that make any difference?
    Thanks for your time!


  21. Hi Tony
    All the best to you and your family for the new year.
    Please keep me informed of what you have planned, it sounds ideal, I’ve just been unsubscribing from some of the so called gurus who still say I can earn $50,000 a month if I follow their plan and all for just $37 :-).
    Best Regards

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