Rapid Review Sites – A Review By Tony Shepherd

It’s crap when the theory of generating in-come
doesn’t quite live up to the practical aspects.

For example, here’s how you create passive streams
from simple product review sites:

You create a site reviewing a product – could be
anything from a remote controlled dinosaur to
gardening equipment.

Your customer reads then review, buys the product
and you get your commission.

There’s no doubting that review sites can be some
of the most effective moolah generating sites

Simple eh?

Well NO –  because if you’ve ever built a review
site you’ll know that they take an AGE to put

You have to find the products, write reviews, make
videos to advertise the benefits and then put the
site together so it looks professional.

And that’s not including having nice call to action
graphics to encourage your visitors to click on

It can take hours and sometimes days to create just
ONE review site.

So even though they can work better than many other
kinds of niche site, a lot of people never get
round to finding out, because of the work involved.

One of my business partners,  Tony Newton has just
opened the doors to a site that will literally hand
you review sites on silver platter.

It’s pretty much a done for you solution.

All you need to do is upload them, make a few
tweaks and move onto the next one.

If you’ve not considered setting up passive in-come
streams from review sites then click on the link
below and check out Tony’s offer.

You’ll see instantly that this is a quality service
for serious marketers who want to build ongoing
passive streams rather that the latest shiny ‘whoop
de doo’ thingy.

I know the quality of product he creates and
thoroughly recommend this.


Currently it’s in ‘serious discount’ mode so if
Tony’s service floats your boat, I’d check out the
serious discount without too much delay.

I don’t know any details about if / when he’s going
to put the price up (I would!) but you’ll kick
yourself if you miss it I reckon

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