Have you got the correct legal protection pages on your website?

You fancy reading a scary email?

And it’s an email that COULD apply to you if
you don’t have the correct legal protection pages on
your website!

The one on the page below shows how just ONE WRONG
MOVE online legally speaking ended up in one
particular marketer having to take her website down
AND pay $750 costs…

…OR be sued for $30,000

Either way I’m sure you’ll agree it’s bloody

I’ve had my own scares online, which is why I made
sure I’ve got my privacy, terms and conditions,
earnings disclaimers and everything else I need to
lagelly protect my websites already on my sites.

Have you?

If not you might want to take up this VERY
discounted deal.

Listen I KNOW this is a mundane subject – it’s not
as exciting as getting a job as glass collector in
a pole dancing bar or launching a new product.

But it’s VITALLY important if you do business
online in any way

Which is why I’m telling you about the offer that’s
running at the moment…

Get Protected HERE

Here’s what you get:

1. Anti-Spam Policy
2. Copyright Notice
3. Disclaimer: multi-discipline professional disclaimers
4. DMCA Compliance
5. Federal Trade Commission Compliance
6. Privacy Policy: Google & DoubleClick DART, etc.
7. Terms of Service & Conditions of Use: with
inter- & intra-page redundancy, Contra Preferentum
provision, reservation of rights, exclusive social
media admonition (been following the Facebook
8. Social Media Disclaimer

These are all written by a lawyer, and are cut and
paste that you can use on all your sites.

I’m told they are about to go on sale at $97

But you can get a special offer rate by clicking the
link below

Get your website legal pages CLICK HERE

See what you think – if your sites aren’t protected
it’s like walking round with your knickers down.

You need to have these on your sites BEFORE you
need them, if you see what I mean.
The sales page isn’t the best, but you’ll
certainly get an idea of the dire consequences of
not having your websites protected and what a
seriously good and important opportunity this is.

Get your privacy pages, diclaimers and all other legal protection pages for your websites here.

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