Survey to find out what’s REALLY holding most people back from the success they want.

I’ve just launched a survey to find out what’s REALLY holding most people back from the success they want (and deserve) in their online businesses.

I’ll be sharing the results with you when they’re in.

I think it’ll be quite eye opening for people to find out:

What’s been holding other marketers back

Which areas of internet marketing people have most difficulty with

Which show most successes

The average amount of time a marketer works on his or her business BEFORE they see success.

I’d love to have you on board

To fill in the survey just click the link below

UPDATE: Survey is now closed – Thank you

I’ll be sharing them with you in a day or two.

Comments ALSO welcome below.

EDIT: With 30 surveys in already, this question: Which of the following do you think has been stopping you achieving the results you desire? is showing a CLEAR winner so far and surprisngly it’s NOT lack of time, money or motivation. It surprised me! Looking forward to sharing this with you as soon as everything’s in!

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8 responses to “Survey to find out what’s REALLY holding most people back from the success they want.

  1. I did it :o)

    Time and focus (and a small cash injection) :o)



  2. Tony Shepherd

    Surprisingly only a small percentage thought a cash injection of $1,000 would make a serious difference to their income.

    That’s with 61 completed surveys in.

    They’re coming in thick and fast though so that could change 🙂


  3. Stan Branovacki

    I retired early (I live in Akron, Ohio) and as 64 years young (just turned 64 today) I do have time and desire but I did not have focus and amazingly did not look for a mentor (I did form an opinion that I cannot afford it).
    In my survey I put biggest emphasis on SIMPLE concepts to start with. Complicated breeds overwhelm and fear.


  4. Thanks Tony

    Even though I’m at the early stages of creating products, I’m looking at Rich Schefren and reading his stuff. It would be great to get onto one of his courses but I ain’t got the wonga yet 🙂

    Maybe I’m trying to run before I can walk ???

    I should really wait for one of your coaching slots to pop up again ehh?? It was only lack of cash that stopped me grabbing the last one.

    Anyway – I need to focus on tweaking my sales page and finishing my transcript.

    FOCUSSS!! :o)

    will be good to see what others have to say



  5. Tony Shepherd

    Rich Shefren is a clever bloke Carl you could do a lot worse.

    That said, the best teacher in the world in my opinion is just to jump in and start up on your own

    You’ll make mistakes. But you can correct mistakes, you can change direction, you can fix stuff.

    you CAN’T do ANYTHING with not starting.

    it takes guts, but I think it’s the only way


  6. Done. I asked the IM Fairy for : Sitting in a room (or forum) with an IM expert, a photoshop expert and an website building (or wordpress tweeking) expert.

  7. Yea thanks Tony

    That’s exactly what Lee (McIntyre) – my coach has said over and over again about just get started and jump in!!

    Nice that you both say the same thing as I have high very regard and respect for both of you.

    I’m nearly there mate … just a few small things left to do and I can launch my first product 🙂

    Thanks for the sound advice !!

    All the best


  8. Missed the survey but with a few
    niche sites up and running the one
    thing that has stopped me from achieving
    the results I hoped for is finding
    out how to drive more traffic to my

    Tried all the usual ways but still
    not sufficient traffic.


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