How to find out what your customers really want – my survey results

The survey we conducted a week or so ago threw up some pretty fascinating results.

So much so that I thought I’d share them outside my own blog readers subscribers.

I was also a chance to try out something I haven’t sone before, which was to have a FREE front end product leading onto a couple of upsells.

The actual technical side of putting the free front end together with everything else was a little harder than I had hoped, but I freely admit to not being a great techy and in the end it only took me about 30 minutes once the sites were in place and including testing.

The survey results were a GREAT insight into what internet marketing techniques are actually making money for people, how much they’re earning (and how much they’re not) and what the major obstacles taht are keeping them back from success are.

If you want to grab your free copy of my survey results from my JVZoo squeeze page just click HERE.

I’ll also share with you how the experiment went and if I’ll be doing it all again!

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