‘I pushed ONE BUTTON and three PR3 domains were mine for peanuts!” PR Powershot Review

‘I pushed ONE BUTTON and three PR3 domains were mine for peanuts!”

That’s the headline that caught my eye, and it’s why I’m recommending this software as a ‘must-have’ tool for your internet marketing arsenal.

It;s called ‘Page Rank Powershot‘ and it’s brand new software for finding page ranked and expired domains and profiting from them.

Think about this…

You can either buy a $9 domain that is worth $9 or you can buy a $9 domain that has history, page rank and very real monetary value.

(You can find more details about WHY you should find expired page rank domain names by clicking HERE)

But this is what I’ll be doing with this software.

1. Use the ‘couple of clicks’ software to find an expired domain with page rank (and therefore instant credibility in Google’s eyes)

2. Spend a few hours putting some new content on there to take advantage of the existing page rank and links

3. Keep the residual income or flip it for a bigger payday.

Simplistic yes, but BS?

Can you actually DO what I mentioned above?

Emphatically YES – it’s a proven business model that I use myself, The difference is that finding expired domains with existing page rank is now a hell of a lot easier, and so is identifying FAKE page ranked domains

Get more information about this very clever software by clicking the link below


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