This story scared the crap out of us (BIG trouble)

A mate of mine arrived at our monthly mastermind
meeting a little while back, his face WHITE as a

There were about 10 of us there, all website owners
and we asked him what had happened.

What he told us scared the crap out of us.

His story was that he’d hired an outsourcer to
build him a site and the outsourcer had simply
swiped graphics off the net to use.

You know the sort of thing – many people just do a
Google image search and use whatever they want.

Except that most, if not ALL of the images that
turn up are copyright protected and you could get
in to a LOT of trouble for using them.

Now the outsourcer had used copyright images for
around 10 images on the site.

And he’d got away with NINE of them in this
particular instance.

But not the tenth.

It wasn’t until my mate received a letter
threatening court action and demanding £3,000
($4,700) for using ONE SINGLE copyrighted image
that he realised what his outsourcer had been

Unfortunately it seems in law the website owner is
deemed responsible not the chappie who built it.

Now let’s not pretend otherwise – chances are we’ve
ALL pinched images off the web to use at some stage
in our businesses – probably right when you start
out, at least until you realise that you can end up
with a BIG legal bill for doing so.

But we all need images right?

Safe ones.
LEGAL ones that are copyright free and for
commercial use (you run a business right?)

Here’s a possible solution:

The link above gives you access to over 200 QUALITY
websites offering FREE GRAPHICS for COMMERCIAL use.

It’s a simple, effective solution for anyone
requiring high quality, FR-EE images, graphics,
photos, non-animated cartoons, vectors, icons,
buttons, PhotoShop brushes etc…

They’re also sorted into 17 categories and colour-
coded too – so you can easily find what you’re
looking for.

Even better they provide links to licensing info so
you can quickly check the terms of use to be safe.

This is currently available for less than $10 so I
highly recommend you check it out for more details.

If you understand how VITAL graphics and images are
to your sites, blog, niche sites, membership sites,
sales pages and social media pages…

…then you’ll instantly see the value in this.

If you’re using images you’ve just lifted off the
web in your business you might get away with it
forever of course.

It’s your call

I’m just giving you a heads-up about this solution.

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One response to “This story scared the crap out of us (BIG trouble)

  1. I am in the same boat.Getty Images are pushing for payment for me using an image that I got from one of six dealers who said they were free.Gone back to check which one it was but it seems to be pulled off the market so cant find which one supplied it.William.

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