Your Two-Year Shortcut

This is short and sweet.

As soon as you’ve created your own product or found
a product you’d like to promote…


The big guys in the industry don’t mess around with
SEO and fr-ee traffic

That’s for newbies

They’re fine with selling you shedloads of PRODUCTS
about how to drive traffic for fr-ee but they don’t
do it themselves

…because it doesn’t work.

Not in a cost effective way anyhow


You WILL find this out at some point in your online
career and you will hear a LOT of gurus saying I’m

But look at HOW they actually get their converting
traffic, not what they SAY they’re doing

You can do as I and most other marketers have done
and that’s prat about for two years spending all
hours trying to drive fr-ee traffic at the expense
of everything else…

…or you could take my advice and as soon as
you’ve got a product up – yours or PLR or an
affiliate link…

…start buying traffic to throw at it via a
squeeze page (to collect the leads of course)

Track and test and when this is working you’ll have
enough money to relax and THEN try out all the
fr-ee traffic methods you fancy dabbling with

Doing this will fast-track your business by around
two years

You’ll miss the opportunity of finding out for
yourself that it doesn’t work, which is always

…but you’ll also miss the most vulnerable part of
your online career where many newcomers get pissed
off and quit, run out of finances or just lose the
plot entirely and go live up a tree

Anything but basic SEO is a waste of time and
you’re building a business on a big, dangerous
quicksand called Google

I’m not saying DON’T use SEO.

I’m saying don’t rely on it

Summary of my of how to fasttrack your business two
years into the future:

1. Create a product, use PLR or find an affiliate

2. Buy paid traffic to throw at it via a squeeze
page to capture the leads

3. Optimize it until it converts well enough to
make it financially viable for your business model

This is basically what big online businesses do,
give or take a few twiddly bits…


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4 responses to “Your Two-Year Shortcut

  1. Kevin

    Love this post Tony.

    No other Marketers lay down the TRUTH (to REALLY help others) about myths surrounding the IM niche quite like you do!! And I really appreciate that! 😀

    As you know (via your support desk) my site is now live and raring to go all thanks to your tireless motivating email broadcasts, sprinkled with absolute gems like this latest Blog post to assist budding newbies like me!

    Not sure who I idolize more? My fave F1 driver Lewis Hamilton? OR Class Marketers like you with REAL and BEST intentions to HELP paying subscribers like me and others.

    If I could subscribe again – I would! But alas, your autoresponder won’t let me!! LOL!!

    All the best.

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Kevin – your comments are always welcome


  3. Kevin

    Quick question please Tony? 🙂

    When preparing a Squeeze Page for new Solo Ad bombardment, is it okay to have a subfolder containing the squeeze page as:


    Should I invest in buying a separate unique domain ie:

    Your thoughts would be very welcomed.



  4. Hey Tony

    I’m just about to pop over and see what goodies you are offering today … but I think you have pretty much nailed it in this post 🙂

    I’m just saving up for my solos and Face Book ads now LOL

    cheers mate


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