Three income streams from a 4 page PDF

I just spent an 8 hour day writing out a plan for my outsourcer…pebbles

It’s a 4 page PDF of instructions, and those four pages will generate THREE separate income streams for me.

Let me explain…

I have an idea for a website that I expect to bring me a passive $5,000 a month in revenue. It’ll take about 8 months to get to that level and I want it to be totally hands-free for me – i.e. I won’t be adding any of content or anything myself.

So I’ve hired an outsourcer to add the content that I need on a daily basis.

The PDF that I spent all day yesterday writing is a full step-by-step guide for my outsourcer about how to find the content I want adding, how to package it, what to do with images, links, basic SEO and other little twiddly bits that she’ll be creating on a daily basis.

She probably won’t need ALL the information (the PDF was very step-by-step)because I hired someone with experience of WordPress, writing, linking etc.


There were two reasons I wrote the PDF in such painting by numbers detail:

A. So if my outsourcer doesn’t work out I can hire someone else and just hand over the instructions to them to follow without spending much time training them

B. So that if I want to replicate the system I can just hire more workers and give it to them too

So what are the three possible income streams this PDF will bring me?

Here they are:

1. The $5k a month revenue from the site (should take about 8 months to come in)

2. After 2 years adding content and building revenue I expect the site to be worth around $60,000 IF I decide to sell it at auction (I’m forecasting that the passive income will have increased to around $10,000 a month by then)

3. Once the site is established and I have a regular proven income from it (again about 8 months to bring $5k a month) I can sell my system to anyone who wants to replicate it. I can base a course, report or even a full coaching program around that four page PDF that suddenly stops being ‘just’ an instruction manual and is suddenly a PROVEN $5k (or $10k if I wait two years and have a bit of luck) income system

Not everyone will want to know how to build a site that takes 8 months to reach $5k a month level, because a lot of marketers are looking for a more immediate income…

…but I know from past experience that SOME will, and they’ll pay a lot of money to work personally with me if that’s how I choose to release the information.

Quick couple of numbers for you – it’s going to cost me around $400 a month for my part-time outsource worker who’s adding the content to the site for me

So that’s $3,200 in wages in initial outlay until I hit the 8 month point at which I’ll start generating $5k a month if I’m on target.

The reality is that from past experience, sites like this usually start earning after about 6 weeks and slowly build up to the 8 month, $5k a month point.

On the other hand there are no guarantees that it will work at all, and I might end up $3,200 down with a useless four page PDF

But that’s why being in business is so much fun 🙂

Hope you enjoyed me sharing a little about how I do things…

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8 responses to “Three income streams from a 4 page PDF

  1. Gaurav

    Hi Tony,
    This post inspired me to think of how I can use outsourcers to try & fail/succeed quickly. What’s your advice for hiring an outsourcer for this type of a project…I mean, which countries, what kind of experience level etc given that you want them to actually think up content for the site. Do you hire the content writer themselves to maintain the website & for the SEO bit?

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Gaurav – I don’t do much beyond the basics of SEO. I hire writers who can think for themselves but also write half a dozen example posts myself so they can see the sort of thing I want. When I’m hiring I get down to a shortlist of maybe three or four and ask them all to write a couple of content posts for me, and decide from there, after a Skype chat.

    Hope this helps!


  3. Hi Tony,
    I hope it does work for you! I am pretty new to all of this but have learned a lot from you and your newsletter. It has taken me a while to post a comment as I did not want to look entirely dense.
    I have a couple of websites almost ready and one product, none in the IM niche. So, a busy 9 months. I am not making any money YET but I gave myself one year to master it, so 3 months to go.
    I love your honesty and down to earth approach. I am from Northern Ireland and we don’t mince our words either so I would love your view on this…
    Is the whole social media concept hyped into the stratosphere? Is it a case of the emperor’s new clothes?

  4. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Rosaline – thanks for leaving a comment.

    I wouldn’t worry about looking daft mate, nobody in this game knows as much as they say they do – the niches within IM alone are too huge to be an expert on more than one or two.

    You ask if social media is hyped? My honest answer is I don’t know. My strategy however is something I’m certain of. When I have my target audience, and a product to sell to them, I just use the best way of selling, and if that’s social media then cool. If it’s email marketing or newspaper ads then that’s fine too. My advice would be to just look at the best way to reach your target audience and don’t get hung up on the medium. Best of luck mate 🙂


  5. Hi Tony
    I like reading your ideas. The make me think outside the box. I am currently doing your kickstart course. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Internet marketing. It goes from the basics through to the advanced and it works. I have not sold anything yet (my fault as I got the payment link wrong) but I am starting to get subscribers and I now have two sites up, one site with the main product, one with the oto and one free ebook. I am rechecking all the links to make sure they work properly.
    I suggest you all take Tony’s KickStart course. You will never regret it.

  6. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks David, I really appreciate your comments about my KickStart Course. I’ve made the links live and clickable so if anyone wants to check it out they can

  7. I just completed a 2 month coaching program and at the end my coach gave me everything, each step in pdf so that I can use it to build other sites. The thing is though it takes a lot of time and I which I had the money to outsource, at least the writing which is the most time consuming. But once I start making money from the first site I will definitely use it to scale up.

    By the way, where do you find your outsourcers? Can you please provide me with a recommendation?


  8. Tony Shepherd

    Hi Coleta, yep scaling up is the way to go. So is funding future ventures from early successes. As for recommendations I find most of my writers on oDesk. Once I know they’re right for the job, they stick with that project on an ongoing basis with their salary funded out of the project’s profits. If you’ve read any of my stuff before you’ll know I always like my projects to pay for themselves and be self-sufficient rather than funding from other areas of my biz. Cheers


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