Is your online business over-complicated?

lostYou ever lose sight of what’s right in front of your eyes because of the distractions in the internet marketing arena?

I’ll give you an example – look at your autoresponder service and try to remember what it actually DOES, after all the bells and whistles have been taken away.

It sells for you on AUTOPILOT…

Autoresponsers are bloody amazing!

Seriously – I heard a comment lately that the internet had created more millionaires in the past five years than ‘normal’ industry had in the past fifty.

Autoresponders are a BIG part of this.

The ability to stack up, test and deliver emails in sequence to your prospects is totally amazing.

I know marketers who have damn near a YEAR’S worth of automated emails going out to everyone who comes onto their list via their squeeze page

They make a lot of money because they take the time to TEST which emails get the best responses, and adjust their sequence accordingly

Think about it – all you need to do is get new prospects onto your list and then your YEAR’S worth of emails sells to them as you sleep or scuba dive or have afternoon sex.

Even better, if you do your metrics and know that it costs you $1 to acquire a new prospect, but your funnel brings you $3.50 in profit you can start factoring in someone to buy your solos for you and track your funnel stats.

You know that your autoresponder will do your selling for you.

And think about this – if you are earning more than your outgoings on autopilot you’re retired!

Maybe you’ve always had suspicions that the whole IM game (and it IS a game) has been over-complicated for you?

Stand back, take a deep breath and do your own thinking.

It’ll bring clarity, simplicity and focus.

That’s exactly what I did, and it’s when things really started to move for me.

Or even better grab a copy of Inside My Five Figure A Month IM Business and read more about how I structure my Internet Marketing business.

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7 responses to “Is your online business over-complicated?

  1. Hugh Fraser

    The blog looks well Tony

  2. Tony Shepherd

    Thanks Hugh – and thanks for spotting that framing issue for me!


  3. Bradley Buffett

    Hi from Boulder, Colorado, the original Hippy Capital! I like your blog and layout, I too am looking for a simple kool blog – any suggestions where I could get one similar to yours?….

  4. Michael Gorman

    Liking the new look tony, very slick indeed! Your post concisely addresses one of the big obstacles a lot of people seem to have, being overwhelmed with details and having too many options to select from. If you distill the equation down the way you suggest it really is quite simple – set up your system (Funnel) and tweak it as you go, use automation and really learn how to use your Auto-Responder!
    Cheers for all the clarity

  5. Tony Shepherd

    Hey Bradley.

    What I usually do is buy a premium theme for the updates and support and then get my coder to tweak anything I need changing. Much cheaper than having something coded from scratch 🙂

    This theme is called ‘Writer’ – I wanted something clean and simple and I’ll have my coder make a few changes.

    Hope this helps


  6. Super-RAJ

    I’m guilty at complicated simple processes :/

    I have begun setting goals, having a clear plan of action, and im on the right path 😀

    Consistent focused action!

    Tony, liking the look of the new blog.


  7. Jennifer

    Thanks for that inspiring information about what happens to us post mortem Tony, yes, thanks a bunch!!

    Your design looks great btw, clean and ‘modern’.

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