The power of images on your sales message


You ever wondered about the power of having your photo or an image on your sites?

(Not like the cheesy one of me above though – would you believe I was doing a Skype interview at the time??)

In South Africa in 2003, Harvard economist Sendhil Mullainathan conducted a study.

He studied a bank that sent out letters offering short-term loans.

Together they varied the interest rate offered but also tested a number of variables designed to trigger psychological responses, such as a smiling photo in a corner of the sales letter.

It turned out that having a picture of an attractive, happy-looking female in a corner of the letter had as much positive impact on the response rate as dropping the interest rate by four percentage points!

Time to split test your results with images?

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3 responses to “The power of images on your sales message

  1. Interesting Tony.

    I had a head-shot of myself on my newsletter sign-up page and Frank Kern told me I looked like a serial killer. So I changed it for another pic and he said that was much better. Now I only looked like a serial killer’s apprentice!

  2. Tony Shepherd


    Well with number of high profile marketers out there, statistics say there should be at least ONE serial killer amongst us…

    …and you do have a slightly crazed look in your eye at times…

  3. That’ll be the red wine! 🙂

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