Learning from the past – why you should keep your old marketing notes

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Been looking through some old notebooks from when I more or less first started out an an online marketer and BLIMEY my targets were well-defined.

The one I just read through showeed how I gave myself 12 months and after that time I wanted 50% of my internet marketing income to be automated as much as possible.

I flipped forwards 12 months and found that I’d actually automated around 30% of my income which was pretty good, and I increased that to over 50% during the next 6 months.

It was simple to do – I just collated my best broadcast emails and spun them into an autoresponder sequence for both my own products AND products I promoted as an an affiliate.

This was a bit easier to do than it is now because products seemed to have a lot longer shelf-life than current WSO’s and products.

Somewhere out there is your BEST stuff – your best blog posts, articles and broadcasts so far…

They are the ones that got the best results for you.

They were the best ones for a reason too. Maybe you were inspired the day you created it. Maybe you were esepcially passionate about a particular product or subject or maybe you just stumbled onto a topic that captured your reader’s attention.

Whatever the reason, don’t let your best stuff be best just ONCE.

Re-use that content. Bring it up to date, or if it’s still releavnt use it as it is – don’t change a word.

After all it worked spectacularly once.

It can do again 🙂

Anyway the moral is that’s why I keep my notes going back years – because it’s far too easy to forget the basics and what worked for you…

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