Remote control helicopters and thinking time

remote control helicopter injuries

You’ve maybe heard me talk before about him important it is to have thinking time in your business…

Time away from your desk with a pen and notebook to just let your ideas flow.

In summer I work from the garden a lot, which I find works really well because a change of scenery really fires up the old grey matter.

But at this time of year when it’s dark in Yorkshire from 6pm to 7am not to mention cold and wet (and today actually snowing – in March) it’s not always possible to sit outside.

But I’ve found there is a solution in the remote control helicopter my wife bought for me as a prezzie.

Flying this little bugger (and it’s NOT easy) around my workroom strangely enough allows me to focus on something other than my work, and the ideas seem to come flowing through.

It’s a nice distraction that takes enough concentration to not think about my current tasks, but frees up some weird subconscious part of my brain because I’m finding it very helpful when I hit decisions that I struggle with.

Clarity from a toy. Sounds like a great way to run a business eh?

Well it works for me 🙂

Luckily it only has a flying time of 9 minutes and then needs to charge for around 50 minutes so it’s the PERFECT work/life balance timer during the day.

One word of warning if you do go down this route though.

It’s small and light but DOES still hurt significantly when you fly it into your forehead.

Bounces off though.

B*stard thing.

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