The BIGGIE isn’t money or success – it’s your HEALTH

Don't take your health for granted chest infections winter

After spending the past couple of months – since Christmas actually – suffering from various chest infections and weird bugs which seemed invulnerable to the horrible steroids and antibiotics my doc gave me…

…I spent a STUNNINGLY ENJOYABLE two hours yesterday wheelbarrowing half a ton of logs from the drive, through the garden and into the wood store without wheezing, coughing or feeling like I had the Black Death!

Yes, sad I know – pathetic absolutely, but there’s something very ZEN about enjoying the simple things in life.

Being incredibly stubborn I tried to do the same two months previously when slap in the middle of a chest infection and spent a day in bed afterwards. Sometimes you have to listen to your body rather than trying to ‘John Wayne’ through it all

Now I’m feeling like my old self again I’m realising two things:

1. I’m glad I have a business that I can strip down so I only need to work a couple of hours a day AND I can (literally) run from my sick bed.

2. You should never take your health for granted. Yeah we’ve all heard it and yet you take bugger all notice of it when you’re 23 and feel like a gladiator BUT life isn’t half as much fun if your health is shagged, and all the money or success in the world won’t change that.

I’m guilty of not even thinking about health most of the time until there’s something that forces me to.

Good to have a gentle nudge every now and then


I have to spend an hour this afternoon changing a tyre on our older car.

Can’t wait 🙂

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3 responses to “The BIGGIE isn’t money or success – it’s your HEALTH

  1. Tony

    If you’ve been that ill recently Tony, then watch that your re-tyreing doesn’t make you so tired you have to retire back to your bed again.

    Wise words of warning from your observations though.


    Tony C

  2. Kevin

    Love this superb post Tony! 🙂

    Never a truer word written…absolutely – HEALTH is numero uno – especially when we pass the dreaded 40+ barrier! lol

    But here’s the point, why dread illness if the health-side of our lives is carefully nurtured on a daily basis with the vital assistance of organic foods and such? 😉 Trouble is, for a lot of folks (me included) inner city life makes it near impossible to rely on proper healthy foods other than mostly the type that come in lovely toxic plastic containers, cans or boxes!!

    Do let me know when I may buy some shares in your organic garden allotment ok mate? lol!!

    All the best.


  3. Michael

    Listen to your body, not to your doctor (unless you live in the Orient, where doctors actually want you to be well).

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